Fall Knitting

I don't have much time for sewing, but I do have the odd 20 minutes free here and there, and that's perfect for knitting something not-too-complicated.  I'm in the middle of several lace projects, but that doesn't match the "not-too-complicated" requirement and I find that lace knitting doesn't really respond well to frequent interruptions.

I have quite a bit of yarn in my stash so I wanted to use it rather than spending more money needlessly!  What can you do with a lot of different colors of yarn?!?  Why, stripes of course!!  So I've embarked upon some stripe-knitting, inspired by my stash/fall colors.

I decided on the above stripe pattern, by arranging and re-arranging my balls of yarn.  And I matched up the yarn with a pattern, the Bethany Wrap from Interweave Knits summer 2012.  The original is knit in cotton but there are several examples of knitters adapting it to wool successfully, so I'm having a go.

I'm using Rowan yarn as well as left-over Mission Falls of similar weight.  I'm sad that Mission Falls is no longer around, I love their product!

So far, this is the result.  I may go back and add some ribbing on the bottom to keep it from rolling up like that; I hate the rolling up.  But I think the stripe sequence is successful.

And a cat picture, just because, with some plants enjoying the sun outside on the window ledge.  Gotta catch the rays while there are still rays to catch!!  Happy Halloween everyone!!


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