Looking Forward to 2017

Stop reading now if you don't want to read some politics and philosophizing.

2016...where to start?  It's been kind of a soggy year.  Right now I have fuzzy brain due to some cold medicine, but looking back...soggy is the best adjective I can come up with to describe these past 12 months.

I haven't talked about the debacle of the American presidential election; in the aftermath I pretty much unplugged from social-network-type sites.  And I haven't missed them, so I check in only once a week now.  This isn't counting blogs, which I read when I have time.  Anyhow, the election...I'm not sure I have anything positive to add to the public discourse.  The best response I've seen so far was from a friend on FB.  And maybe she was quoting someone else, I dunno.  The gist of the idea was...the opportunity for positive change doesn't always look like we thought it would.  Personally I have taken this opportunity to donate to causes that are close to my heart, to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.

The situation in France and in Europe and North Africa is hardly more encouraging.  Again, I try to keep dialogue open and not simply react like a knee being pinged in a reflex test.  This is not always easy.  In fact this is never, properly speaking, easy.

Which brings me to me and this blog.  This is a rather superficial blog.  I rarely talk about my private life and I don't often bring up the tenderest and most personal subjects, whatever they may be.  In any case, I'm still here, still learning, still (rather slowly) huffing and puffing down the ole railroad tracks.

Speaking of which, I've had a big, semi-secret project in the works now for officially a year.  And I don't have much finished to show for it.  A muddle-headed-cold-and-cough-syrupy day is perhaps not the best day to pull things out and try to get motivated again, but that's what I decided to do.  I needed to unattach the waistband of this skirt and add back 3 inches so the poor woman can breathe and move around, so the unattaching part is done.

I'm waiting for my head to get a little clearer before reattaching.  And then I just need to finish the waistband and attach the ruffle on the bottom, and voila!!  Finito!  Shall we take bets to see how long that'll take me?!?!?

Here's a view of the other side:

Anyhow, I like planning and making lists and having big ideas and the like. And the end of the year/beginning of the new one is a perfect time to do all of that.  It's just not gonna happen.  I imagine 2017 will be much like 2016: too much work and not enough time to do what needs to be done, let alone what I want to get done. 

OK, that sounds a little depressing and that's not the note I want to end on!  So, look I added an Instagram roll on the blog!  You can follow me there too, I'm still niddetissus. :)


  1. Happy new year, Donna. I am in agreement with much of what you say. I hope to revive my blog this year, but not sure how I am going to make that time. I am going to look for you on instagram xx


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