Handmade Gifts

Here are the objects I've knit, sewn, or embroidered for friends and family in the past couple years, starting with Baby Gifts!

This, and others like it, were gifts to our local hospital, to help clothe prematurely born babies:

I made four or five of these little hats for my friends' babies:

This sweater and matching (crocheted!) scarf were a gift to my niece. The sweater design is the Helena Baby Cardigan by Alison Green Will.

And this was for her little brother, a design by Bergère de France:

Finally, I made the Cable Rib Pullover by Kristen TenDyke for my friends' little girl:

Now, we have gifts that I made for my husband; there aren't very many, considering he's supposed to be my 'other half'!

The Spartan Pullover by Kristin Nicholas, modelled by T.:

Ned's Toasty Hat and Scarf, design by Lynn Hoffman:

Another scarf I made for T., but he doesn't really wear it. Here it is, modelled by moi:

Here's another hat I made for him, based on the Lusekofte Cap by Charlene Schurch. This one is too high, but he wears it anyway:

And finally, another sweater, this one designed by Melissa Leapman and called the Basket Weave Pullover:

The first thing I sewed for him: a Colette Negroni, completed April 2012:

And a long-sleeve Colette, completed October 2012:

The last, but not least, category: gifts for friends!

The Lacy Stole by Rosemary Drysdale (I don't have a great photo):

The Clementine Shawlette by Michele Rose:

The Camlin fingerless gloves by Liz Unger. My hand is much larger than my friends' hand so the gloves are stretched out in this photo:

And finally, more recently, some sewing and embroidery projects:

The New Look 6557 halter dress:

A shirt for my sister than matches my version of Built by Wendy Simplicity 4112:

An Amy Butler fabric necklace:

Some embroidered tea towels/napkins:

A skirt made from a Simplicity Cynthia Rowley design:

I made a lot of these before starting my blog. I have a page for My Handmade Closet and I wanted to dedicate a page for the projects I've given away to friends and family. Like the other page, I'll update this one as I finish projects. :)


  1. I love the mix of the shirt with the blue buttons. I sew "un peu" and the things that I love to made your my clothes is that I can mix colors or patterns prints without limit. Your work contribute to inspire me to sew. Nice blog.

  2. The tea towels and napkis are adorable! Did you use a pattern for them? If so, where did you get it?

    1. Thanks and sorry to take so long to respond! I got the pattern from Polka and Bloom - here's the link:



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