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Another spoiler alert for the dotted shirt! I finally finished the sash and the buttons today, but not without casualties. I made one sash and it turned out awwwwful - not at all what I wanted!

I had forgotten that in making the sash, you fold it in half lengthwise. I didn't have enough of the spotted fabric left to cover one length...I could've patched something together, but I didn't want multiple seams in the sash.

Here's the ridiculous first sash in action:

Here I am modeling the sash on the first dotted shirt (i.e. mine). Looks silly, right?

Sorry for the poor quality photograph. Flash. And apparently our mirror needs cleaning.

Of course I didn't figure out that the sash was going to look ridiculous until it was nearly finished! That's how it goes :) So I decided to go with a solid-color contrast sash.

But now this project is done, yippee!

And another project was finished this week: the blue sweater.

Check out that zipper:

I am really happy with the result. There's some rough spots, but I think I did a good job seaming it up. That part took forever. T. is also pleased with the result; he wore it straight away the next day.

He's even requested two others: one green, one brown. But I told him I'd prefer to do a different pattern. I find it rather boring to do the same pattern more than once. I also told him that I want to finish a sweater for me first! He's gotten two and I have only one that I made in 2008. I think it's my turn.

I do have some future projects planned for him though. I want to do the Cobblestone Pullover by Jared Flood. I even have the yarn already.

I'm happy with my work this week and glad that I got everything done before leaving for a ski holiday in the Pyrenees. Not that I'll be skiing, of course.


  1. Such gorgeous work - I love that shirt. Who are you giving it to, if it's not for yourself? T's sweater looks great! Very impressive, as per usual. Why are you going South? To visit T's colleagues?

  2. Thanks, it's for my seester. Yeah, we're going to spend some time in the mountains w/ T's friends who live in Toulouse. Hopefully I'll get good pictures :)

  3. Hi, Donna:

    I like this. Thomas, the model.



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