Progress on Colette Spring Challenge

After more thought, I changed one of my pattern choices for the Colette Spring Challenge. I substituted McCall's M5522 instead of Simplicity 2501.

I want to make a long-sleeved blouse and I wasn't sure to have enough fabric for the Simplicity pattern. It calls for 2 1/8 yards and I only have 2 yards. I don't want to cut into my nice fabric and found I've come up short!

Along those same lines of thinking, I've decided to do a muslin for the first time. I've found that blouses often end up just a little too short on me and I'd like to add some length to rectify that.

But again, I don't want to ruin my nice cotton voile, so I'm doing a run-through with some cheap quilting cotton that I don't find too inspiring. I should've traced out the pattern pieces and then made the alterations, but I don't have any tracing paper (OK, I do have freezer paper though) and I didn't want to wait. I cut a size 12 and that's the largest size on this multi-sized pattern, so I'm not losing any information. I tell myself that I can always trace the pieces later if they suffer from too much wear and tear.

I've decided to lengthen the bodice by an inch. I thought at first to do two inches, and measured it out as so, but I saw that was ridiculous. I picked an easy pattern to try out my first alterations on, ha! I had to lengthen five separate bodice pieces.

Luckily I already have the tracing curves I need to redraw the pattern lines.

I bought these while I was living in Chicago and I took an introductory draping class. I've hung on to them all this time and now I'm finally getting some use out of them!

In other news for the Colette Spring Challenge, I've decided to include this knitting project:

The yarn I've chosen for it matches the rusty plum color in my palette. It's knitting up very quickly. I've done these pieces and am currently working on a sleeve:

Finally, I pledge myself to wearing one article of clothing (including accessories) 'made by me' during the month of March. This can be a knit or a sewn item. I'm excited to join the "Me-Made-March" Challenge - and I need to get crackin' on that wardrobe! So here's my statement: 'I, Donna from Nid de Tissus, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March '11. I endeavour to wear
one item each day for the duration of March 2011.'

Check out this blog for information and to see the other participants' progress:


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