An Open Letter to the Republican Party Members of the US Congress

Dear Republican Party Members,

Would you, as individual citizens, default on your personal loans? Or would you do everything in your power to avoid that situation? Would you work your hardest to rearrange your household budget and find a way to make payments, like so many Americans do every day? I believe that as individual citizens, you would do this, you would find a solution and do what it takes to repay your loans.

So, why oh why are you refusing to do the same thing for your nation's budget? Why are you leading your fellow citizens to default on the collective loans? By doing so, you are implicating every American citizen in this default. You too are defaulting. Your job as Congressmen and Congresswomen is to find solutions to the nation's problems, not to decide to opt out of the process.

Compromise. Find a solution. Make it work. Pay off the debts we owe.

Concerned American Citizen


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