Shawl Collar Sweater Finished

This sweater has been languishing while I worked on Christmas projects. All the pieces have been knitted for months now, waiting to be sewn together. I finally got around to it yesterday and bought some buttons for it today. I think I might replace the buttons - these are pretty nondescript. I'm thinking of making some fabric-covered ones.

I lengthened the body and the sleeves, but I think I could've done so even more. I think I should've gone up a size in truth. It fits but it looks cropped on me and it's not intended to. If I were to knit this pattern again I think I would also forgo the waist shaping; it flares out at the hips, but my hips don't flare out like that! Or this could be because it sits too high up on me.

In other news, I finished this Swedish horse embroidery. I was supposed to have finished it by Christmas, but that didn't happen. :)

I have started the second one, nearly identical, except that it's facing the other way and I might change up some of the color combinations. Better late than never!


  1. I think my least favourite part of knitting jumpers and cardigans is the sewing up...and I am never happy with the buttons I choose once they are on the jumper!This looks a very nice and versatile jumper that is going to be worn an awful lot through out the rest of the winter.
    Love the embroidery too...I bought some gorgeous old sheets from a charity shop in the summer and have been meaning to embroider a border along the top of at least one ever since but have not made a start yet.Looking at your work is starting to make me think!

  2. Wow, that sweater must have been some work - it looks lovely! I also really like your pretty, colorful embroidery!

  3. I think it looks warm and lovely!!! I applaud your efforts :) And your embroidery is sooooo pretty. I love the colors you chose!

  4. Wow, your jumper is amazing; I adore it! Just the colour alone is cosy and warm looking!

  5. I am so impressed by your sweater! I am a novice knitter and the most "ambitious" thing I have ever tried was wristwarmers (in the round, on dp needles, an adventure for me at any rate). Your sweater looks lovely and cozy, I hope you enjoy wearing it! And the embroidery is delightful!

  6. What a pretty sweater! Well done! I really like your choice of buttons, I think they look good! :-) And your Dalahäst- embroidery is so pretty, I must embroider something soon. I love it so, but it always gets bypassed by sewing and knitting. Your cute embroideries are inspiring me! :-)

  7. Hi
    Could you tell me where you found the pattern for this sweater?

    1. Hi, I got it from the Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine, Fall/Winter 2009. Here's the Ravelry link:


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