How are my Me-Mades holding up?: Part I

I want to take a look at my me-made wardrobe and see how the clothes are wearing up, both in terms of wear and tear and whether or not I still wear them.

The analysis cruelly reveals that the first three or four things that I made do not get worn because I'm not comfortable with the quality. Some of the mistakes are pretty bad and not really fixable. So the following things I've put aside and plan to use the fabric in future crafty projects (a quilt????):

There are also a few items that I've recently put aside because the fabric is not holding up. I didn't purposefully choose crappy fabric, but sometimes it's hard to tell in advance. And I wore these pieces every week. They are now looking pretty shabby, but I'm keeping them to use in other ways (eventually).

These projects I don't wear often for various reasons. I need a slip for the dress so it doesn't stick to my tights. The pants stretch out horribly after an hour. I have trouble matching the shirt with a bottom, plus I'm not happy with the button placket.

And then I just have the full-blown fitting/construction failures that I can't really blame on being a newbie...okay, maybe a little bit. :)

However, there are some pieces that I love and that I continue to wear, including some of my early stuff. There are some that I will need to replace for the next season though because I wear them all the time and it shows.

So, what have I learned from the first 15 or so things I sewed? 1)Fabric quality (and appropriateness) is very important; 2) some silhouettes look cute on other people and/or on the pattern illustration, but do not fit in with my style or work with my body type, lifestyle, etc.; 3) if I made a first version and I'm happy with it, I should make another one right away so I still remember the little adjustments that I need to make! Regarding # 3, I take notes on all my adjustments, but it helps to have the fresh muscle memory, as it were. ;)


  1. I love this round-up post. It´s always good to go back and analyze, and try to learn from ones mistakes. I might follow your lead on this one! Very interesting! :-)

  2. you've made some beautiful clothes! I really love that white dress with the black and orange print, so I'm sorry you feel it's not working for you. But I agree, it is good to review and refresh the wardrobe every now and again. Makes space for new things :)

  3. Oh, a kindred spirit! I could fit makes in all your categories. I'm still loving everythign you have pictured tho!

  4. Great idea! It's so helpful to take stock of what works for you and what doesn't. And what a great idea to make a second version of something you love while you still remember what tweaks you made to it!

  5. This is an ace post. Such a good idea to take an honest look at your work and analyse what is working and what isn't and why. I applaud you! You have some great creations, I'm so pleased that many are holding up very well xxx

  6. This post is such a great idea! I love that you've analyzed your Me Mades and how they are working for you - it's definitely inspired me to take another look at my closet


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