Starts and Finishes: Project Update

I'm starting with the finish. My second version of New Look 6870: a dainty pink shirt.

As you can see, it is quite windy today, so we didn't venture far for the photographs!

For this version, I went with a uni-color cotton lawn. The first was in a print cotton voile. And this time I went with slightly longer sleeves and a tie closure instead of a button. Oh, and, I added some lace down the front, which I then also used as the tie. :)

Why don't I just show you the first version again???

I don't have much to say, construction-wise. This being my second time through, it was easier. I managed not to twist the elastic this time. Oh, and I converted the front darts into gathers along the bust, as I did last time. And I made the opening slit at the front neckline shorter because I feel it's too low on the first version.

I was hoping to avoid the necessity of a camisole, but the fabric is rather see-through so I'll have to wear one. Here's a close-up on the neck-tie:

Overall, I think I prefer this version to my first one. Although that could just be the excitement of newness! But I really like the addition of the lace and I prefer the tie closure to the button, as well as the longer sleeves.

The pink is super girlie though. I don't think I'll pair the shirt with this skirt in the future. It matches, but I felt like I was dressed up, and not in a good way. So I can't honestly say that I have filled a gap in my wardrobe (to make a shirt that goes with that polka dot skirt!) because I just don't think I'll wear them together.


But it does count as a win for my Colette Spring/Summer Challenge. Clearly I'm finishing up at the end of summer, but I'm still happy to finish the projects and I think they are garments that I'll get good use out of.

And, finishing up with the start of a new project: today I cut out a long-sleeve version of the Negroni in a check fabric. Wish me luck!


  1. Those are just perfect for a summer day. Girly? yes. Do they fit your "look"? yes. I love all these photos.

  2. Very pretty! I think it looks great with the polka dot skirt, and it would look terrific with denim shorts, or jeans too. I love both of your versions :)

  3. you look as gorgeous as ever in another gorgeous outfit!!

  4. So that first picture of you might just be my favorite picture of you ever - you are positively luminescent! The pink top turned out beautifully - I love the back and sleeves especially!


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