Me-Made-May '13

I am officially signing up for Me-Made-May 2013 - I pledge to wear at least one me-made item for the month of May!  This doesn't sound like much, but this is actually going to be a challenge for me because my me-made wardrobe has shrunk.  I'll do my best with the outfits and the photos, but I can't guarantee much creativity.  Nonetheless, I'm excited to participate and fill my eyes with inspiration!

Here's a little taste of a new dress I managed to make this weekend:

And a newly finished scarf... :)


  1. Glad you are joining in, That dress glimpse is intriguing! xx

  2. Yay for joining in! :) And that fabric is totally lovely.

  3. Woohoo! I´m glad you are joining! :-)

  4. Happy May! Looking forward to seeing your outfits!


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