Elbow Patches

I don't know about you, but I don't find this kind of sewing very exciting.  I have to sew elbow patches onto ALL of T's sweaters.

Some of those sweaters have only been worn for 3/4s of a season....the store-bought ones don't last as long.  But the sweater I knit for him also needs a patch.

I found a couple colors at Mondial Tissus in Saran, but I still need some greys and blacks.

I'm not excited about doing this, but I find it too wasteful (and too expensive) to simply replace the sweaters.  Aside from the holes in the right elbow, there's nothing wrong with them.  A member of my knitting group gave me a hint for hand-knits, but it's only useful once the elbow has gotten thin, but before there are actual holes.  In that case, you can apparently stitch over the elbow (on the inside) to reinforce the area.  She also suggested I reknit the whole sleeve.  No thanks.

Two of T's male colleagues have the same problem, so it must be an occupational hazard.  Lots of computer/mouse time.

While I was at Mondial Tissus, I also bought some fabric so I can - en principe - finish my stalled sewing project.  I also bought a rotary cutter, yay!

But before I dive in again, I'm off to Paris for a three-day meditation retreat/workshop at the Shambhala Center: http://paris.shambhala.fr/.  I'm signed up to do Level 2, the Birth of the Warrior.  I previously did Levels 1 and 2 in Hawaii, but Level 2 was especially difficult so I'm redoing it.  Plus, I'm not sure how well this is going to work...doing the workshop in French.  And I won't have my friend with me to guide me through like she normally does!  So I thought I'd start out with something familiar to try to match up vocabulary, etc.  I managed to meditate a whole 15 minutes this week, but before that it's literally been months since I last sat.  So I'm a bit nervous - wish me luck!


  1. May your journey at Shambhala be enriching, Donna, and may you come back from it with more fire in your fingers.


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