Shambhala Weekend

This is just a short post to let you know that I survived the meditation retreat this weekend.  It went really well.  Now I need to buy a meditation cushion so I can have the goodness every day in my home. :)

Here are a few photos I took while in Paris.  I didn't have much wandering time.  We started at 9:30 am and ended around 7:00 pm.  So I took these pictures either coming or going to the 10th arrondissement.  I stayed in the 3rd with a friend and walked to the 10th via the St. Martin canal.  It was a nice walk.  That area is a bit funky; just my speed.

I took this photo in the 3rd; near to my host's home.

This is along the St. Martin canal.  I love the pink scooter AND the apt. building behind it.

I took this in the 10th, near the meditation center. 
And today I'm trying to attend to my domestic duties: sewing the elbow patches so poor T. will have something to wear this winter.  I'm starting with the brown sweater that I knit him.

I also had lots of laundry pile up in the time I was gone!  At least three loads worth.  :)


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