One Big Mess

I considered naming this blog "One Big Mess," but I decided that was a little bit too negative.  Nonetheless, some days my crafting really is one big mess.  Today was one of those days; luckily, the project was small.  That was probably the root of the problem.  I thought it would be much easier and much faster than it was.   So, I didn't verify that I had enough thread of the correct color.  And when the spool ran dry, I was lucky to find that I had another one because I used a lot of thread on this small project.  Lots of stitching, ripping out, and re-stitching.

I made a Christmas gift for someone and decided that I should sew a gift bag to go with it, as the gift itself wasn't going to be easily wrapped in paper.  I didn't use a pattern for the gift bag.  I had an idea and I thought it would be easy enough to do.  I even had what I thought was a super trick for the construction that would save me a few steps.  I should've thought that one through a little more before starting because half-way through I realized that, in fact, it was NOT a super trick and that there was a much better way to do it.  But I'm stubborn and I didn't want to start all the way over, so I found a way to make it work.  And, my silly way of constructing the bag does have the bonus of giving the bag a nice design element on the side seam.

Here are some pictures of the bag in construction:

I used fabric leftover from my Christmas decorations project (made for my knitting group's sale).  I haven't done a post yet on the Christmas decorations...perhaps I will do one later.  The fact that I was using leftovers didn't give me a lot of wiggle room on the design.  Well, I suppose I could've used even more leftovers and made a larger, quilted bag, but the bag itself is not the gift so I didn't want to spend days on it. 

Anyhow, here's a photo of the finished project, with the Christmas gift already in the bag.  I hope the recipient likes both!

I also used this photo for today's contribution on the 365 Project.  So far I'm loving looking at everyone's photos and I encourage everyone to join:

As a side note, I listened to three albums while sewing this bag:  'Gulag Orkestar' by Beirut, 'Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant,' by Belle & Sebastian, and 'Different Light' by the Bangles.  Do you listen to music while you sew, and if yes, what do you like to listen to?


  1. Your blog certainly isn't 'one big mess'! On the contrary, it's very interesting and well-organised. Your bag also looks very nice.

  2. Thank you - I think the organization is just Google doing it's thing though. There's still some elements I can't figure out how to manipulate. And, I ended up happy with the bag, after everything. :)

  3. You have a gift. I wish I could sew and knit. I asked my mother to teach me to knit, and she told me to ask my sister--who told me to ask my mother.

  4. :( Well I'd love to teach you! But as I don't want you to wait, maybe you know someone who lives closer to you who knits...


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