Elbow Patches Revisited

I wasn't happy with my first attempt at sewing on the elbow patch, so I took our the seam ripper and undid it, and tried again. This time it worked out much better.

It helped doing a couple stitches on one side, then a couple on another side, then on the top, and then on the bottom. And then going back and connecting it all. It made the patch more stable and I was able to prevent it from puckering. Plus now the patch is better centered on the elbow.

In other news, I still haven't been able to integrate the widget into the blog, wahh! I haven't given up though. And now, only three more sweaters await their elbow patches...


  1. Congrats on the successful elbow patches!

    Maybe I'm dense, but what widget are you trying to incorporate, anyway?!

  2. I'm trying to put a thingy on that connects to my Good Reads currently-reading bookshelf. They have the code and everything that you're supposed to be able to just cut and paste, but it doesn't want to work. I'm sure there must be a way, but both of us have spent several hours on it and no luck. We fix one error code only to get another one, and so on and so on! But I know it works on blogspot 'cuz I've seen it on there!

  3. It seems to be working now? Right?
    I've read Kokoro and Botchan by Soseki. I enjoyed them both, even if they were ultra subtle and quite calm. The problem is that I barely remember anything. :-S I need slap-in-the-face Western literature, I guess!

  4. Yeah I finally figured it out. And of course it was super simple to do. I was trying to alter the html in the wrong place.

    So far I really the book, but as you say, quite calm and subtle. I don't know anything about Soseki, I was just attracted by the title :)


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