New Page Design

I had to change my page design to a different template.  I liked the other template, but apparently the HTML wasn't written in an organized manner.  I tried to put a particular widget on the page and failed (even though I read the Blogger instructions)!  So then I asked T. to do it, since he does have an M.S. in computer science.  He spent an hour and a half and wasn't successful either.  He felt that the desired widget wasn't compatible with the HTML style of that template.  So, I changed the template, checking first that the HTML seemed tidy and was T. approved. :)  I like it; I just hope it's not too busy.  I haven't put the widget on yet, but hopefully it will follow soon.

In the meantime, here are some photos of T.'s other (non-farmhouse) grandmother's sewing notebook.  She had her samples beautifully organized.  I found this and claimed it when we cleaned out her attic last year.

Whoops!  I cut off the 'e' - it should say Couture.
Sewing Advice.



Ornamental stitches.
I should have scanned this, but I only thought about that after the fact.  I can still do it, later.

Fancy work!


In other news, I have worked a bit on my sewing project.  The shoulders and sides are now sewn together.  I'm thinking of doing bound seams to make the insides a bit cleaner.  That would be a first for me.

Don't you think I need a dress form?

I couldn't work on it at all today because there wasn't enough natural light.  It was a somber day and we don't have enough artificial light in the room to make up for it.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit brighter.  But I was able to work on my knitting.  There's only three inches left to do on the sleeves!


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