The sleeves are done!  Here's a picture:

I made a small mistake in the basketweave - can you see it?  Luckily, as I made the two sleeves at the same time, I have identical mistakes.  One would think I planned it!

I was able to work a little on my sewing today.  I made bias tape from the leftover fabric, which I will use to bind the seams.

The first step is to trace out where I'll cut the fabric.

I'll sew the pieces together later.  I've found that easier to do than trying to do the continuous loop method.

One inch bias tape.
Right side and wrong side.

We're still working on the widget issue.  It didn't work with this template either.  But I have seen it used on other blogspot pages, so it must work.  Somehow. :)


  1. Sorry you had so much trouble with your new site design, but I think it's worth it! I love it. Gorgeous. Is that your handwriting on the upper-left hand side?

    I'm so glad that you of all people got T's Grandma's sewing notebook. It looks like a real treasure. Beautiful samples and hopefully lots of inspiration.

    Cannot wait to see the finish sweater on T!

    I don't quite understand what the dotted strips are exactly for, but I'm going to choose to believe that you are going to rethread all of your shoes with this rad new shoe-string. :)


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