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I had fun sharing the April fashion spread in my local "woman's" magazine, so I thought I'd feature what they did for May too. Again, the magazine is called Edith and you can page through it for free on-line. All photo credits go to the magazine, of course!

This month they again feature women who live in town and who are not professional models. The women (I believe) choose their own clothes and accessories and talk about what their particular styles are. Pretty cool, huh?

The first two are showing off the spring trend of pastels:

In case you are interested, the ages and professions of the women are listed too. I'm nosy, so I like that. ;) All three women here are in their 40's, for example. I like her purple and red combo.

In this next spread I like the red trousers. And all the women here are in their 30's.

Overall, I prefer the styles in last month's spread. Here it is again:

In other news, the weather has finally broken free of winter! It's been positively summery the last two days. :) So my pics from Me-Made-May might actually look like they were taken in May, instead of September.


  1. I wish our weather had turned more summery...SO windy today all my plants are now ripped to shreds!
    Very interesting....so when are you going to be a model then you are just as good!


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