Me-Made-May: Days 18 - 24

I fell a bit behind in documenting my daily outfits. And I've worn nearly all my handmade items at least once. There are still a couple pieces in the mending pile...if I a miracle happens I may have them mended before the end of the month.

So, without further ado, here's what I wore from the 18th to the 24th:

Day 18: dress using New Look 6587; I added a scarf because my sister reminded me that adding a scarf makes everything better;
Day 19: the first outing for my new top made with Simplicity 3887;
Day 20: my linen pants again, made with Simplicity 2656;
Day 21: my secretary blouse, made with Simplicity 2501;
Day 22: the top is hand-dyed and the skirt was made using Simplicity 2655;
Day 23: pants from Lisette Simplicity 2245;
Day 24: the top is from New Look 6870.

I continued to put together new combinations. I've probably worn Day 20's outfit previously, but the others are all new. I wasn't particularly comfortable in Day 22's outfit, but a lot of people in the flickr group seemed to like that one. My favorite of the week was Day 19, with my new shirt.

The weather has continued to get warmer; yesterday was positively hot! But apparently it's going to rain again today and the temperature will drop today and tomorrow. Still, I think we've turned a corner and I can pack away the wool sweaters. Knock on wood!


  1. Cute outfits! I particularly like the yellow blouse with the white pants-- great combo!

  2. I'm writing down pattern numbers furiously as I admire your makes!

  3. Pretty outfits, Donna. The yellow and white combination looks so fresh and lovely for summer. I like Day 22 too - it is interesting I think which outfits get more interest in Flickr.


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