Black, lots of Black

Sewing and knitting with black is not my favorite thing - it's hard to see what I'm doing. Especially when my feverish head is spinning. I have managed to make some progress on my various projects, but it's slow going.

Here's the self-drafted skirt in progress: we finished some darts last night.

And I managed some progress at home on my black skirt. I quite like the pockets. I'd make them again, but without the ties:

Finally, I didn't work today so I was able to get some tiny work done. I sewed elbow patches on T's black turtleneck sweater. The weather is turning colder so he'll need it soon. Only one more sweater left to repair!!

The stitching is not great in certain areas - fever, remember? ;)

Oh yeah, I've also been plucking away at my vest/waist coat. I stopped though because the pattern has reached a complicated part with splitting off of things and multiple things to keep track of at the same time...and my brain can't handle it right now.

At least it's not black!


  1. Great progress! Hope you´ll get better soon! :-)

  2. I like sweaters with elbow patches. :) Can't believe you make progress that good while feeling sick... Get better soon!

  3. The skirts both look very good. I am intrigued to follow your drafting class progress. I like the knitting too - hope you feel better soon.
    I wanted to say thank you as well for the Versatile Blogger award, it was a really nice surprise - I wasn't able to comment on blogger for a week or so so couldn't respond. I will post a response properly soon.

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon, and very impressive that you are managing to get so much done with a fever. The black skirt is very cute, I like the pockets too! Is this to a commercial pattern, or is a self-drafted too?

  5. Thanks everybody! Fever seems to be gone :)

    @Carolyn, it's a commercial pattern: Simplicity 2655. This is the second time I'm using it. It seems very versatile - there are other versions without the tiers and ruffles.

    @Alessa, my husband has declared that he doesn't like wool sweaters as they are 'too fragile' - this makes me very sad because I don't mind doing the elbow patches! But he wants polar fleece now.

  6. I love the ties on the skirt pockets, but maybe a smaller, more compact bow would also look nice. I know it's frilly, but I likes what I likes.

    That fabric you're using for the darted skirt looks so cute! Can't wait to see how that comes out. Eager to hear more about your sewing class at the centre.


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