Black Skirt in the Can

Not in the trash can though! I have finally finished my second skirt made with Simplicity 2655. I used view C again, but this time I put on the pockets. And I'm sooo glad I did - I love the pockets! I thought they would be complicated to do, but they were really quite simple.

I was too excited to iron the skirt before modelling it:

See the pockets?!?

Thanks go out to T. for taking pictures (a bit against his will). ;)

Here's a back view:

I had a little oopsie when cutting out the pattern pieces. I accidentally did not cut the back panel on the fold, as I should have, so I had to sew those pieces together. With all the other panels on the skirt, that one isn't too noticeable, I think.

This time around I also used smaller seam allowances so the skirt now falls at the hips instead of at the waist like my first version.

AND - I'm so proud of myself - I managed to put in an invisible zipper correctly!!

I think I mentioned that my sewing teacher taught me how to do this on Tuesday night. This was my first attempt using her method and it worked so well! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Also, just for fun, I used my leftover blue Ikea fabric for the inside waistband lining:

I am bummed about one thing, though, my tights! My brand new polka dot tights have a big rip up the back! I've only worn them once and I was sooo gentle! That's the last time I buy tights from Zara.

Moving on. This skirt is my second completed item for the 2011 Fall Essentials Sew-Along as well as my second item for the Colette Fall Palette Challenge. I seem to be stuck in black mode. This may continue for a little bit, as far as sewing for me, because I may start a long-sleeve black and white polka dot shirt next.

Here's a reminder of my FESA/Colette Fall Palette Challenge:

So basically I've completed the 'bottoms' portion of my list and all I have left are tops.


  1. Those pockets are very very cool, I love them!! What a great skirt... and your invisible zip is perfect!!

  2. Good job on the zipper! It's a very cute skirt, I love the look of the pockets and the ruffle! And yay, contrast facing! :) Too bad about the tights, they look lovely...

  3. Wow! That is so cool! I really love this skirt! Gorgeous! :-)


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