La Redoute

I'm shocked to say it, but I quite like some of the looks that La Redoute has put out for their winter catalogue. I'm especially digging the 70s (maybe early 80s?) vibe. The russet and pumpkin color...yum.

And I've long been a sucker for cords...that's what I lived in when I was in college.

I love everything about this dress but have nowhere to wear it:

This catalogue reminds me a lot of the October Burda issue. I liked a lot in that as well. I have to be careful with the masculine-style clothes though because I tend to look masculine as it is. I'm rather straight up and down. So if I'm going to dress like that I need to wear heels...and I can't wear heels often 'cuz my knee doesn't like it!

In other style thoughts (I think this may be my first style post), this is what I want to look like, is it really asking too much?


  1. Those inspirations shots and the colours in them, are totally beautiful. I could really get into those too! I especially love the toasty browns, and that dress with that touch of bright deep green; just a gorgeous colour combination!

  2. I would love to see you in some knee-high leather boots, sitting on a quai. I can see how cords would be great for you. I need to find a good pair soon... perhaps J Crew. :)

  3. That first dress is pure Missoni! So "in" this year! And I too sometimes find inspiration (or even something to buy) from LaRedoute. Shhh, don't tell! ;-)


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