Haut Koenigsbourg

We've been in Alsace for the past week visiting family for the Toussaint holiday. I managed to persuade T. to do some touristy things this time.

First we visited the chateau of Haut-Koenigsbourg, originally built in the 12th century. This castle was pretty much destroyed in 1633 and then rebuilt (in 8 years) under Wilhelm II in the early 20th century when this part of France was not part of France. The restored castle is meant to reflect the 15th century (I think). Here are some photos:


Check out this crazy dining room:

And this even crazier light:

Annnnd - wait for it - this CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY thing:

Seriously, if a movie hasn't been filmed here, the castle is missing out on its vocation.

To finish up, a less crazy decorative piece:

Next time I plan on showing you our trip to the Ecomusee. I hope everyone is enjoying the Halloween season (if you do that where you live)! :)


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