Burda Pants Fashion Shoot

OK, so it wasn't really a fashion shoot, but it was as close as it gets around here! We changed location and took some photos in the courtyard at the house in Jebsheim. We were there over Easter weekend, so I took advantage :)

These trousers were made from the April 2011 Burda magazine, pattern #131.

I'm checking out how my cuffs are falling:

Here are my cuffs. I decided to do a machine hem because I wanted to finish up already!

I'm standing in front of the old water trough. There's no more big animals around to use it now.

Here's the waist band. I decided to go with an internal clasp. We'll see if it holds up; my teacher was skeptical. You can also see here where my teacher had me add front pleats to take in some of the looseness in the waist. We had already taken in 4 centimeters in the center back seam.

And a back view:

The fabric is a stiff twill (sergé in French) and does rather 'stand at attention' rather than drape. :)

It was a cold weekend. We even had snow on Sunday, although it melted as soon as it hit the ground. We did have beautiful sunlight though :) Today, back in Orléans, it's raining...and I'm thinking of wearing my navy pants today.

Here's one last parting shot :)


  1. I think these look fantastic! I like the color - is that navy/indigo? The fit is very nice - your teacher should be proud :)

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  3. Perhaps I'm simply missing your email address, but I can't seem to find it. I would be beside myself with glee if you would please email me. stephc at 3hourspast dot com. :)

  4. Very nice, beautifully fitted and they look super comfy and practical too. I would be wearing these a bomb!

  5. These are so cute! I love the style and the sturdiness of the twill. Bravo! I'm new to your blog, but I gotta say, I like your style, gal!


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