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I'm trying to pick out my next sewing class project. This week I finished my pants (hopefully I'll take some photos this weekend) so I need to decide. The other class members suggested I make a blazer to go with the pants, like a suit ensemble. And while I don't want to do that (my workplace is not that formal) the idea of a jacket is enticing. But should I do an outside jacket or an inside/outside jacket, like a blazer? I'm leaning toward the outside jacket but that may be too complicated. We'll see how my teacher feels about it.

I'm sticking with Burda magazine patterns because that seems to work well for my teacher. And for me too, since the versions I have are in French, and I'm too much of a scaredy cat to try to follow the French directions on my own.

So here's the issues in my library that have interesting patterns: Jan. 2011, Aug. 2011, Sept. 2011 and Dec. 2011. I really only started buying these in 2011, as you might have guessed!

I love these military style jackets and I've been wanting one to replace a green one I used to have. These are from the August 2011 issue:

There's another military jacket from that same issue which I also like. It's a cropped style:

I like this cropped jacket from the September issue also:

The drawback with that one is that it's a plus-size pattern. So we'd have to resize it. That seems a bit silly when there's other lovely patterns out there. I often fall for the Burda plus-size patterns though!

And then there's these two patterns, which are more like blazers.

This one from January 2011:

And this one from December 2011:

If I go with the military jacket, I'm thinking olive green. If I go with the blazer, I'm thinking navy. Classic choices on both hands and choices that will work with my existing wardrobe.

The other elements I'm controlling for: no wide lapels and no epaulets. I know there are epaulets on some of those examples, but I'd just leave them off my version. And the lapels on the blazers are not particularly narrow, but nor are they large...and on the second example, the fact that the lapels end below the bust draws the eye downward. My goal is to draw attention away from my shoulders.

What you do you think? Have you already sewn a jacket or a blazer? Any pattern recommendations?


  1. Oooh, nice pattern choices! I especially like the military style ones, they'd look fantastic in olive green. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on! :-)

  2. Yes lots of wonderful choices! I would go for the bottom two myself as they could be quiet formal or informal depending upon the occasion.Don't envy you trying to choose!!

  3. Lovely inspiration pics. I like the military style jackets best, especially the opportunity for adding a bit of piping. I haven't sewn a jacket for years. I want to just for the exp[erience, but I already own a lot of jackets so it seems redundant to sew one! I was eyeing up the Built by Wendy jackets book and putting it on my birthday wishlist.


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