I went to my local bioladen (for some reason this word always comes to me in German, so I just go with it) to check out the organic cat food prices, and while I was there, I stumbled upon some lovely tea in lovely tea tins! I think I've spoken previously of my love of tins, so I couldn't resist getting this:

I had trouble choosing the tin; they were all so tempting. There must have been a dozen to pick from. I suppose I could've chosen by the type of tea, but that didn't even occur to me! Once we finish this tea, I'll have an excuse to go back. ;)

And I make good use of tins too, storing bits and bobs in them. This one has become my lace and ribbon tin:

You can see the fabric from my new project underneath the tin. I started work on a top from my Fall Palette Challenge. I'm using yellow polka dots (polka dots, Alessa!) to make Simplicity 3887.

I was originally planning on making view A, with the long sleeves, but my fabric ended up being too narrow to cut those sleeves out of it. Plus I was a bit worried about doing the elastic wristband...I thought the sleeves might end up a bit too piratey. So I'm using the mid-length sleeves now.

I suppose this makes the shirt more one for spring than for fall, but the fabric is rather thin in any case. So I think it was destined for spring and summer wear.

Here's an in-progress photo with the lace:


  1. The blouse in progress looks lovely - such nice straight lines of lace! That would really challenge me. I agree that the full length sleeves could be a bit too piratey.
    I love the tin - I too have a weakness for tins!

  2. I too share a weakness for tins and boxes too.the blouse looks very pretty too!

  3. I share your weakness, and that tin is quite irresistible! I understand completely...
    Your new blouse looks to be very very pretty. Are there amazing fabric stores in Paris?

  4. What lovely tins! And yay, polka dots! They look so pretty with the lacy stripes!

  5. la boîte est ravissante, moi aussi je craque quand je vois une jolie boîte
    et bravo pour ta couture

  6. That fabric choice and the lace just screams spring to me, I can´t wait to see the end result! :-) And the tin weakness seem to be shared by many of us, I love your find!


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