I finally started sewing again...

I've started making another 3/4-sleeve version of Simplicity 2339 with the fabric left over from T's Negroni.

And speaking of Negronis, I used the pocket pieces (and instructions) from that pattern instead of those that came with the Simplicity pattern. I even did the pocket early on, instead of last, like I normally do. However, I think I may have put it on the wrong side.

Oh well, that's okay. I'll call it quirky. The pocket is slightly crooked too, but that's the only way I could get the stripes to match up. Does that mean that the stripes are off-grain or that I cut it off-grain? Probably the latter...

Anyways, I'm planning on making a Renfrew (or two) next because I was able to buy some knit fabric, yay!!

Check it out:

a nice basic navy (it's a bamboo knit) and a fun bubbly print. :)

I also got one yard of Halloween-worthy fabric, although I don't quite have plans for it yet. I'm sure I'll find a good project for it eventually:


  1. I love the bubble print. The Renfrew pattern is lying on my bedside table - i have been meaning to sew it for ages but haven't had time so I have just been reading it! Maybe seeing you start it will give me a kick to get going....xx

  2. Those fabrics are lovely; I really like the bubble print too :)

  3. That Halloeween-y fabric is lovely...I'm totally envious.

  4. Your fabrics are fabulous! I'm excited to see your Renfrews all made up :)

  5. Ooh, these are both so cute! You're going to LOVE your new Renfrews!


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