Some News and Some Crafting

Hello everybody!

Starting with the news, I began a new job this week. I should say that I began an additional job because I still have the old one. So now I have two part-time jobs. This is far from ideal, but I welcome the additional work (and income). And if everything works out with the new job (knock on wood) it could eventually become a permanent, full-time position that replaces the two part-time gigs. So, here's hoping.

What this means in the short-term though is that I'll have less crafting time! I had to skip my sewing class last night because I needed to get home at a reasonable hour and sleep. The getting up early in the morning, in addition to the evening classes, wore me down. I'll get used to it, but I needed a break.

Anyhow, what this means for the blog is that I'll probably be posting less often, since I imagine I'll have less to show you and less time to write up entries. I'll see how it goes. I'm always amazed by those of you who work full-time and yet write several entries a week, if not daily!!!

As far as my Renfrew plans...they are still planned. ;) They might stay in that stage for a while. But I will at least continue working on my Burda jacket at sewing class, slowly but surely.

In the meantime, I did start a cross-stitch project. Here's what I've got so far:

I feel like embroidery and knitting are easier to pick up and put down and pick up again than sewing. Cross-stitch is especially easy to go back to, as long as you hang on to the materials.

Look, here's an interloper:

She was making my "photo shoot" difficult.

And because you can have one cat without the other:



  1. Your cross stitch is looking great. Hope your second job is working out well.

  2. Hello Donna! I share the two part time jobs situation and it takes some time to adjust (took me the whole November month) But you´ll do and you´ll be at sewing again!

  3. Congratulations on the new job Donna! and I hope you find the situation not too stressful and get plenty of rest and me-time :) I love the new cross-stitch too. is that Monument Valley?
    I have passed on to you the One Lovely Blog award, if you would like the button it is here

  4. Its good to see the cats are both full-time. congrats on your new job!

  5. Bravo on the second job!!! I'll be hoping that it goes full time for you :)

  6. congrats on the second job. My renfrew is still in the planning stage to!! The cross stitch looks great. xx


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