Magazines and Books!

This is just a short post because I'm so excited about all the magazines (and books) that my friend (you know who you are!) brought me from the US.

Plus look at the yummy Oreos. Those are destined for a student but she hasn't shown up to class...

If I could I would have about 20 magazine subscriptions. I love curling up with a good magazine or journal article. And I like all types, from the glossy and fluffy to the dull and heavy-hitting.

In disappointing news, the polka-dotted shirt that I made for my sister doesn't fit her! It's too tight across the bust and under the arms. She's thinking of asking a professional seamstress to add contrast fabric at the side seams (which would match the contrast belt fabric). It would be nice if a solution could be found. I guess that's one of the dangers of a neophyte trying to sew for someone at a distance; no one can try it on while it's still in progress. Hopefully it'll work out better next time.

And finally, here's another collage of my Me Made March wardrobe for the last
week. Luckily the weather is warming up so I can wear my short-sleeve shirts.


  1. I like your style!!
    Nice to see some spring colors after a long and cold winter :D

  2. Sorry they are so old! Atlantic/New Yorker ought to be alright, but I imagine most everything in Challenges is outdated by now. I will hopefully be bringing some more this summer and I'd be glad to pick up any you might want to request. :)

  3. @ Jemajo - I'm ready for spring! It's not quite here yet though :)

    @Drew - Are you kidding? I love them and I'm never up-to-date on things so I won't know the difference. I finished the one about cities and skyscrapers today and I'm looking forward to starting the next one.

  4. Donna--

    Love the new haircut. It may not be new after all, but it's my first glance.


  5. Thanks Duane. I like it too :)


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