I decided that I needed a slip, not only to go with my new stripey skirt, but also for some other skirts I have hanging around. Instead of buying one or making one, I took apart a skirt that has been in my 'give away' box. I forgot to take a picture before I detached the two layers, but you can see how it would've looked.

I bought this Paul Frank skirt when I lived in Seattle (maybe 1999 or 2000?) and it has a separate lining that is only attached to the skirt itself at the waistband and along the zipper. So I thought it would be easy enough to remove the upper layer and use the lining as a slip.

So far it looks like the perfect fix. I can wear the slip under my new skirt with no problem. The zippers are even on opposite sides of the body, so there's no big bump. I just hope it helps the 'riding up' problem.

I also removed the ribbon from the skirt hem to use on a future project and I'll keep the blue and white check fabric for future use as well. Maybe a tank top? I won't be able to use the part where the strawberry motif was ironed on (?), but that still leaves a good amount of fabric. I can at least use it to trim something.

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  1. The picture of you hiking your skirt can-can style is my favorite to date. It's great you can see the utility in upcycling so many things!

  2. I should've really done it can-can style - that would've been a good idea ;) I need you to help me with styling.


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