Me Made March #1

I mentioned in the previous post that for the beginning of March I was a) in the mountains and b) sick. Both of these put a damper on my sartorial choices. I basically wore my green sweater (self-knit) several days running and then when I couldn't wear that any longer, I wore various of my self-knit scarves. Sometimes I had a hand-sewn shirt on underneath, but you can't really tell from looking at the pictures. All of this is to explain why I look like crap in the pictures ;)

I have faithfully worn at least one me-made item since March, but my outfits are far from inspiring. Since being home I've been able to change it up a bit, but not much. I have exactly seven shirts to choose from, plus the one green sweater. Things are going to get repetitive. I'm not even certain to wear all seven shirts because it's still cold around here and they're too summery!

In addition, I have barely made a bent in the green muslin for the Colette Spring Challenge. Obviously I didn't work on it while I was in the mountains and today is the first day my head as been clear enough to even contemplate working on it. So yeah, I'm not sure I'll get much done for that challenge, as it ends at the end of March! But I'm enjoying looking at everyone else's work and I'll keep you updated no matter how slow I am. :)

Speaking of which, here's a picture of the nearly finished sleeve cuff:

Hope everyone's having a great week!


  1. That's awesome, Donna! I think one month challenges are much more do-able than year long ones... Anyway, this seems great and I can't wait to SEE you wearing these things in a little more than a week. :)


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