I'm Thinking...

I'm thinking about joining the Summer Essential Sew-Along because I need to make quite a few summer items: skirts, cropped pants, tank tops, etc. The idea is to make 5 essential summer items during June, July and August.

It sounds great; the only reason I'm hesitating is because I still haven't finished what I had planned to do for the Colette Spring Palette Challenge. I finished a skirt (remember me!) which I've only worn twice and it's now waiting for me to make a spring/summer top to go with it:

And I finished a dress, but it needs to be taken in about 2 centimeters:

And I also finished a sweater, but I need to reposition one of the buttons because it pops open all the time:

That's not even half of what I meant to do. I've since changed my ideas for some of those fabrics, but I still like the colors I chose.

Anyhow, I guess I'm feeling guilty about not finishing the Colette Spring Palette Challenge. In my defense, that was a pretty short time period though: only one month. Whereas the summer challenge is 3 months long. And I could use the extra incentive to work on those basics for the Closing the Gaps project. I'm trying to talk myself into this.

What the hell, even if I only finish one item (or worse, none), I'll still get to look at all the lovely things everybody else makes...I'll try not to suffocate my jealousy with Oreo cookies. ;)

So I guess I just signed myself up. Now I should probably think of a plan...choose patterns, fabrics, and whatnot. That will have to wait for another post!


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