Pledge and Award

I, Donna of Nid de Tissus pledge to participate in Me-Made-June 2011 by wearing at least one me-made item every day and at least one me-made outfit (top and bottoms) once a week.


I upped the ante a little bit sinceMe-Made-March because now I have a pair of pants!

And, I owe another big thank you to Meg the Grand because she gave me another blogger award: the "I Am All That" Award.


Before I pass along the IIAT Award, I need to respond to the questions...but I'm going to slightly change one of the questions, which I think is in the spirit of the award. It's personalized!

1) What size shoe do you wear? If you wear a size 7 (US), can I borrow your shoes?
I'm a 10 (or 9 or 9.5...depends on the brand), sorry!

2) 30's or 60's?
30's...I have big shoulders anyway, may as well try to work it!

3) Have you ever kissed someone you shouldn't have?
Who hasn't?!? So, yes, unfortunately...although I suppose that's how one learns (right?).

4) Have you ever been poisoned? Was it by the girlfriend of the person you kissed? that is awesomely "knot's landing."
Not that I'm aware of! Not counting food poisoning, which I have had...but I'll spare you the details. ;)

5) Original Question: who's on your "celebrity free pass" list (top 5)? I'm rewriting it to this: who's on your fictional character "free pass" list?
I'm pretty sure that if I met my celebrity crushes in person, I'd be disappointed...bad manners, bad breathe, boring, who knows? I hope not, but you never know, so I'd rather go with somehow whose character has been tested and for which we have the results(at least, fictionally)! In no particular order!!

1) Jacques l'Emmerdeur from The Baroque Cycle. He went through hell for the girl!

2) Mr. Darcy - 'nuff said.

3) Audre from Zami.

4) Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse series. Apparently he's very talented.

5) Casanova...okay, okay, he's also a real person, BUT I'm judging him based on his writings/braggings...with so many, there must be something there, right? And T. gave me the idea 'cuz I can't think of anybody else...I'm sure I will later, but it's too late now. :)

OK, for the important part, I'd like to pass on this award to the following fabulous blogs:

1) Harry at the Happy Village Shoesmith
2) Drew at At Home, Abroad
3) Adventures of a Desi Knitter

I'm only listing 3 blogs and you 3 are NOT obliged to pass along the award or answer the could always change the questions to suit your style. ;)


  1. Mr Darcy! *swoon* I've always preferred the Colin Firth Mr Darcy version - dreamy!

  2. I agree; Colin Firth is exactly who I had in mind.:)


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