Back and Better Than Ever

Well, at least that first part is true: I'm back! I put my mom on the airplane yesterday and she has safely landed, so everyone is back home.

And speaking of Mom, look what goodies she bought me in Paris: fabric and buttons from a cool store we stumbled across!

We bought these at IE Boutique in the 3rd arrondissement: 128 rue Vieille du Temple. Their website is still under construction, but here's a blurb about them: IE Boutique.

The fabric was 1/2 off because it has a few stains. They might come out in the wash; or I'll just cut around them. And the buttons are vintage, from India.

I'm thinking that the yellow fabric wants to be a skirt. It's thin though so I'll have to line it/layer it. But I like it with this Anna Maria Horner cotton voile, which I'm planning on making into a shirt:

Since this has turned into a goodies post, I'll show you the yarn I bought in the Pyrenees (from a local shop which mainly manufactures blankets and rugs):

Hiding underneath the yarn you can see the fabric I asked my mom to bring me from the States. Sew Mama Sew! was having a sale and I couldn't resist buying some cotton lawn!

The yarn is undyed and comes from the sheep that live in the Pyrenees. We stumbled across some on the road:

Lest you think that's it been all shopping, shopping, shopping and no crafting, here is evidence of my advancing knitting:

I have nearly finished the back and I started a sleeve. :)

And speaking of being back and better than ever, you probably noticed that I again changed the blog design. I can't help it! There are so many beautiful (free!) templates out there! I liked my last template overall, but I didn't like how it presented multiple I changed it. Hopefully this design is not too busy. My newspaper-designer sister said it was too hard to read so I changed the font back to a serif font (or whatever the appropriate description for that is). Feel free to comment if you think this layout is not user-friendly though.


  1. Ooh, you do have some wonderful new treasures to work with! That wool looks just beautiful!

  2. Ooh so many pretty pretty things! What fun! :-)

  3. What lovely items! I adore your new collection of buttons, and the Anna Marie Horner fabric is delightful! What shirt pattern are you planning on using with it??

  4. I'm thinking either Burda 7432 view A or 7431 view A. But who knows by the time I get around to it!


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