One More Down

Believe it or not, I'm still working on my Colette Spring Palette Challenge! I finally finished this tank top from New Look 6677: I made view E.

Aside from my 10 days in Croatia, I haven't experienced much summery weather this year so who knows when I'll wear this. Nevertheless, I'm glad to have it in the wardrobe.

I had to sew the v-neck part three's still not very smooth but I think that's the best I'll do. It dips down pretty low so normally I'd wear a cami underneath it.

I cut a size 10 and I can just barely wiggle into it (despite having reduced the seam allowance), but I think the fit's pretty good. A 12 would've been too big. Please excuse the evil look on my face!

There's puddling in the back 'cuz of my sway back but since it's a fairly casual design, I'm not worried about it.

I didn't quite realize how low this would hit me. I think if I were to make another tank top in this pattern, I would shorten the hem line.

Originally I had the fabric tagged to go with this pattern:

The tank tops are similar styles. I think I changed my mind because I wanted to try a new pattern. I'd already used Simplicity 3838 for a 3/4-sleeve length shirt. However, I do want to revisit the pattern because I think I could do a better job with it now. But it's not on the immediate agenda!

I will (eventually!) finish off my Colette Spring Palette Challenge fabrics, but not necessarily with the patterns I originally chose. Here's a reminder of my challenge:

I'll just roll over the projects to fall and winter :) As much as I love joining these challenges, I just don't sew fast enough to finish the projects within the allotted time. I only finished one item for the Summer Essentials Sewalong: my red skirt. And right now it's out of commission until I fix the side seam. So I don't think I'll join the Fall Sewalong, but I'm looking forward to seeing what everybody makes!


  1. This shirt looks lovely! I love your fabric choices - the contrast pops against the main body of the shirt. I think the V looks very well done - good job!!!

  2. Thank you! I like the turquoise; good thing 'cuz I have enough to do another shirt with it. If you saw the v-neck in person you'd see the problem, but it's good enough to wear and 3 times is the limit of my patience :)

  3. The turquoise does look fabulous against the quietness of the beige/brown... and I think it will be wonderful for autumn too :)
    Thank you for your nice comment about my old cardigan. I'm a fast knitter... but that one did take some patience simply because of having to check the pattern with each line

  4. :D I'm also still missing one of the three garment of my Colette Spring Palette challenge... I guess I'll get to it at some point. That tunic looks lovely, I like the contrast neckline!


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