I, Donna of pledge to take part in Self-Stitched-September by wearing at least one me-made item every day and more than one item whenever I can.

I was hesitant to join this time around, not because I don't love the idea and the process, but because I don't really have any different clothes from the first two challenges in which I participated (March and June). I finally realized that I was going to try to do it, regardless if I pledged or not, so why not pledge?

But I may not upload daily photos to the Flickr group, so as not to repeat the same outfits. I want to join the group to see what everyone else is wearing though! So at this point, I plan on taking daily photos to document, but I'll probably only upload the interesting ones or the new outfits.

A big THANK YOU to Zoe for having (again) organized this event; she's awesome!


  1. It will be good to see you there again! I don't think it matters much if you are wearing and posting the same outfits, lots of others do :)


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