Croatia: Kuchica

Here's the next installment of my trip to Croatia. We stayed for several days in a cottage outside of Zagreb: Kuchica.

The place is absolutely adorable and so are the owners/operators! They picked us up in Zagreb, drove us out to the cottage (normally about a 20 minute ride) and we shared a delicious quiche dinner together.

Look at this place, it is soooo cute!

Huck Finn! On our way to the market. Plus we had some mist on our first evening: magical cottage.

The upstairs, decorated with a dress and vintage furniture. I love how they did the lamps:

Inside and out, plus Drew's wonderful cooking:

The countryside around the cottage was so beautiful and our stay there was so relaxing: eating, reading, some walking, and lots of photo-taking! If you find yourself visiting Zagreb for a few days, I definitely recommend staying here.


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