Project for a Friend

My friend who lives in Paris (and at whose house we were staying in Anglet) has wanted to make this fabric into a skirt for a long time now. She received this silk fabric as a gift from India:

I volunteered for the project and together we chose this Simplicity Cynthia Rowley pattern, view B:

I think the subtle shimmer of the fabric will look fabulous in this pattern. And my friend wants to use the selvedge as the hem - so I wonder if I should try to find a ribbon to also incorporate that pink into the waist many possibilities!

In any case, I'm excited about the project. I'll have to get better at putting in zippers first. And I'll have to make a lining for the skirt, which I've never done before - luckily for me that Colette Patterns has a tutorial for placing an invisible zipper in a waist band that may help with that part. My friend said that she'd like the skirt by next summer, so I won't work on it right away. I'll attack some projects for myself that use those techniques so I'll improve and feel more confident.

Speaking of gifts, my friend Drew brought me back this vintage ribbon from Berlin:

There's tons of it so I can use it on several projects - thank you Drew!

Look how far along my sweater is:

I'm getting excited for it, but I still have quite a bit of work left. Finish one sleeve and knit the other one, then finish the collar and put everything together. I'm ready to pick my next project though. I'm definitely going to use the yarn in my stash - I need to make some space in my cabinets. :)


  1. That is a seriously cute skirt pattern! It will look wonderful in that gorgeous fabric... and your jumper is coming along beautifully. One sleeve nearly down, only one to go; you're on the home stretch now!

  2. The fabric is beautiful so I just hope I do it justice!


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