A Continuation of What I *Actually* Wear

Soooo, I forgot to take photos two days in a row. But I do remember what I wore. Both days were mainly black, and both were head-to-toe Ready-to-Wear.

In addition, most of my photos were taken at the end of a long work day (say around 10pm). But at least T. volunteered to take them so I don't have to futz with the mirror shot.

Without further ado, here's the rest of this week's outfits.

On Wednesday the 6th: worn to teach.

Sorry for the headless shot and the poor lighting, it was the best I could do at the time! The sweater is one of my hand knits. And the dress is sorely in need of refashioning. The fact that I even wore it is testimony to how few options I have. I think it wants to be remade into a pencil skirt, but I have several things I need to finish up before I get to that. Overall I think that this outfit is terrible, but I was pretty desperate!

On Thursday the 7th: worn to teach.

This is an outfit I wear often. The cardigan is also hand knit by me, finished only a few months ago. For some reason I feel like this outfit works, even though the color combo is perhaps a bit odd.

On Friday the 8th: also, worn to teach.

The green top is me-made. This is the first time I put together this outfit, again out of desperation. And frankly I think it's a complete fail and I won't be repeating it. That red sweater has always been too big and it's looking pretty shabby for only being 15 months old. I thought maybe the belt would save it, but no, it just looks ridiculous. Anyhow, moving on...

On Saturday the 9th: and, worn to teach.

Everything is RTW, except the hat. The top is only a few months old, as well as the boots. The pants are not even a year old and yet they are already faded, more faded than the sweater which is 3 years old and has seen lots of wear. But now I hate, hate, hate that sweater. In fact I dragged it out of the 'to-be-donated' pile because I had nothing that worked with this outfit except possibly the red sweater, which I also hate and I had worn just the day before. Nonetheless, despite my hatred, I feel like this outfit works. But that sweater is going back in the donation box, so I need to find a RTW replacement. I just don't want to knit a plain sweater with black yarn, how boring!!

On Sunday the 10th, the outfit was a repeat of this one, except with jeans:

I wore it to the grocery store and to the movies. We saw Lincoln. :) I liked it; pretty typical Spielberg, for the good and the bad. But Daniel Day-Lewis was awesome, as always. I did not recognize James Spader though. My jaw nearly dropped when his name came up on the credits and I had to consult IMDB to figure out who he played! My guess was off-base.

Anyhow, so that's where I am in my outfits. I am making no effort whatsoever to wear me-made stuff and yet I have done so regularly so far simply because that's what I have in my closet that I'm willing to wear (and is appropriate)!

I am really just trying to get dressed in the morning in a way that's appropriate for my daily activities. My choices seem limited. I know already that this week I'll be wearing my striped sweater again, as well as the turquoise one. And surely either the bordeaux-colored one or the purpley cardigan. I guess I could look at it positively: I have a capsule wardrobe! Unfortunately, it's not one I coherently planned! Maybe I have more spring/summer stuff that I'm willing to wear???


  1. I always end up pulling stuff out of the 'donation pile' in desperation when I think I have nothing to wear. It really helps to get rid of it straight away, then you have to think outside the box in terms of outfits x

  2. I think all your outfits are lovely and very "you" in some indefinably cool way. I like the way you belt a cardigan with a skinny belt over the top. And the bit about putting stuff in the donation pile and then retrieving it when it seems like the only thing that will work made me smile. I do that too!! :D

  3. I'm always pulling stuff out of the donation pile too. It made me smile when I read that bit. Maybe we shouldn't delay sending it on, it would make us consider other options.

  4. I like your outfits. Interesting to hear how quickly some garments fade. The bright red sweater looks cute - I think if you get rid of it you should consider making something in that colour. I think I also have much more spring summer options than winter ones. :)

  5. Chic style!
    I never donate something too quickly--I may remember why I bought it in the first place and fall back in love with it.

  6. I like your outfit posts and I love your Dolce Slouch hat!


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