Renfrew Top

Surprise, I actually finished something!  I was hoping to get better photos of my Renfrew top, but these will have to do.  I've already worn it twice since completion last Saturday.  I really need to make half a dozen variations; I love it.

The first time I wore it out, mere hours after the last stitch was stitched, was to go swing dancing in Tours last Saturday:

Here I am in my kitchen before leaving.  As you can see, I'm very excited to be going out!

And the second time I wore it was yesterday, to a day-trip to Paris.  I wore it with a sweater because it was cold and windy!  But I took off the sweater for the purposes of the photo.  And I had a terrible look on my face because of the cold and the wind, so I cropped out my face. :P

I think perhaps I could've gone down a size because there's some wrinkling along the bust and in back.  Plus there quite a bit of fabric pooling at the lower back.  But I was worried about it being too small.  I don't like things super clingy and the fabric is very drapey.

Am I correctly interpreting the wrinkles?  Does that mean there's too much fabric there??  But the fit in the shoulders is spot-on.  Can one do an SBA in jersey and is it worth the effort?

The fabric is a bamboo stretch jersey from Ray-Stitch and it was challenging to cut out.  The fabric did not want to settle down straight when I laid it out for cutting.

But the sewing part went pretty smoothly.  I did have to re-do the cowl because I didn't check for errata beforehand and so I followed the instructions to the letter even though I thought it seemed odd.  I figured there was going to be some cool trick at the end, but no, the instructions were just the opposite of what they were supposed to be for that step. 

I sewed it entirely on my mediocre Singer sewing machine.  I finished the seams w/ a zig-zag stitch.  Seems okay so far.  My machine struggled occasionally, but no more so than with any other project.

I bought other jersey fabric from Ray-Stitch at the same time as this blue fabric, but it's a thicker, stabler jersey.

I think it doesn't want to be a Renfrew though.  I think it wants to be a dress.  Of course I didn't buy enough yardage for a dress, so I'm waiting for the coffers to be replenished in March before I buy the rest of the needed fabric. 

I think I'm a knit-convert.  No ironing: yay!!


  1. Your Renfrew looks great! The green and white fabric will be nice for spring. Knits are seriously my favorite garments to sew and wear!

  2. Great top! I'm not very good at sewing knits, but I admit they usually are fun and easy proyects.

  3. The Renfrew looks marvelous! I wear my versions all the time :) I'm excited to see the green and white made into a dress - I think that will look fabulous!

  4. Looks great - I like the color too

  5. I love your Renfrew top. Love the green and white fabric too.

  6. Your Renfrew looks fab, I like the cowl neck. Swing dancing sounds so great too. I have made two renfrews and agree it is great - I still haven't tried it with a cowl neck yet. xx

  7. It looks wonderful! There's nothing like a great fitting Tshirt pattern :)

  8. Looks really cool! Here in Delhi (since I obviously did not take my sewing machine) I bought some fabric and gave it to the local taylor to stitch a kurta. He charged a little less than 2 euros, let's see in a few weeks if he makes a good job...

  9. Thanks everybody for the compliments!

  10. This is adorable! I love it! Super wearable!

  11. The fit looks perfect on you! Congrats on such a successful make xx


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