A New Endeavor...Documenting What I *Actually* Wear

I've been inspired by these blog posts about re-evaluating one's wardrobe and style. And I decided to do something I had heretofore resisted: take daily outfit photos. I am so not a fashion/style blogger and I am not approaching it from that angle (as the photos below will leave you in no doubt!). I simply want to have concrete data about how often I wear certain pieces. I have suspicions that I recycle the same 7 things every week. Maybe 10 max. I think this will help me plan not only for future projects, but also re-evaluate how well certain items hold up to wear and tear. If I wear my turquoise sweater (see photo below) as often as I think I do, then I am even more impressed by Rowan's wool quality.

I'm certain that various pieces get worn simply because I don't have a good alternative. Nevertheless it's telling that I'm willing to wear those articles of clothing instead of others hanging in my closet/stuffed in my drawers.

I'm taking these for myself and I have no idea for how long I'll continue the experiment. I suspect that it would be useful to do it at least for one month in every season. I don't know that I'll share with you all the photos...maybe a bi-weekly round-up post, but frankly I don't think it's all that interesting, especially since I'm not staging the photos. I'm just taking 'em whenever I get the chance, whatever I look like. ;)

Nonetheless, here are the first two, just to be official-like:

Feb. 2, 2013 ('cuz I wasn't organized enough to start on the first! ha!):

I wore this to teach on Saturday morning and I wore it for the rest of the day. The sweater is hand-knit by me and the rest is RTW. I think I could use the pants as a good block for straight-leg/skinny pants one day.

Feb. 3, 2013:

I wore this to the grocery store on Sunday (today) and then around the house the rest of the day. The sweater is hand-knit by me and the shirt is a me-made Burda pattern that is now reserved to only going under things. The rest is RTW, except I did wear my new Dolce Slouch hat, seen perched on top of my jacket in the background. Check out my fun scarf that I got from Indira's generous donation!

I look terrible here 'cuz I feel bleepin' terrible! I have yet another winter cold. Blech.

I know that I already wore the striped sweater at least once this week (on Monday) and the blue sweater as well (but I forget which day).

Anyhow, I am also planning on joining in on some blog-world stash-busting action, but I'd like to come up with a realistic plan before I go official on that. ;)


  1. Your knitting is gorgeous, very talented!

  2. Interesting! I feel the same way-- pretty sure that I just wear the same couple of things over and over.

  3. Hi Donna! This is an interesting project. Actually I think I use about 50 per cent of what is in my closet...But how can you NOT sew all those pretty dresses!

  4. I think this will be a fascinating project! I am doing a similar thing with my sketches.. assessing what I actually wear. Of course, the seasons dictate everything. When we are getting very hot weather I live in certain selection of a few dresses, tops and shorts. As the weather cools down I migrate to another "set" of things, as it gets still colder a few pairs of jeans are added into the mix and shorts and light dresses are left hanging etc etc. Still I am looking forward to seeing what I actually wear, and how often; down in black and white ... or colour, as it may be!
    I am looking forward to following your progress!

  5. This is a fascinating idea. I think you´ll learn tons from this, seeing that photos (unedited ones) don´t lie. Good luck with this, and I am looking forward to seeing your stashbusting plans!

  6. Great idea, I know i go through phases of wearing the same things over and over. But my washing machine isn't working prperly so this has forced me to wear a wider range of things at the moment! Great stripey jumper tooo. :)

  7. Great idea Donna! It´s necessary to think about our sewing likes and results and what is wearable and what not.


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