Wardrobe Analysis Update

The wardrobe saga continues thusly ... I didn't take a photo every day (I keep forgetting!) but here's what I did manage to photograph:

I think I wore this on last last Tuesday (??) to work:

It's a repeat of the cardigan but I haven't worn this skirt for a while.  Believe it or not, I probably purchased this skirt in 1997 from Urban Outfitters.  And it's still in good condition, despite heavy rotation in the late 90's.

And I wore this to work on last last Friday (the 15th):

I dug out this sweater that was a gift from T. back when I first moved to France in 2008.  I didn't have any cold weather clothes (as I moved from Hawai'i) so he gave me this.  I haven't worn it all that much because I feel like it tends to look matronly with most of my clothes, but I feel like it works pretty well with this outfit.  The scarf is another Indira gift.

And on last last Saturday (the 16th) I wore this outfit (including a sneak preview of a new finished object, yay!) swing dancing in Tours:

As for the other days of the week, I remember that on one day I wore the same sweater as seen on Wed. the 6th, but with a black t-shirt underneath and the pants pictured above.  And on another day I wore my seersucker dress (pictured below on the 25th) with the purple sweater seen above.  And for the third missing work day, I can't really remember what I wore...

The rest of my outfits were:

On Monday the 18th, to work:

On Tuesday the 19th, to work:

On Wednesday the 20th, to work:

On Thursday the 21st, to bum around Paris and then to swing dance in the evening:

And, on Friday the 22nd, to work.  It was cold!

On Sunday the 24th, to the grocery store and around the house.  I wore nearly the same thing on Saturday; only the shirt was different:

On this Monday the 25th, to work, but with boots and not slippers!

And finally, today Tuesday the 26th, to work I wore a newish RTW sweater and a new RTW shirt:

Phew!  I notice a definite trend with the same four sweaters, but that's really what I've got!!


  1. I really like your accessorizing. It's something I'm not very good at, and I like how the scarves and necklaces and belts pep up your outfits.

  2. Sounds like you may need another sweater or two. :-)

    And I agree with Alessa, you accessorized them very well!

  3. You are working hard with the analysis. What is going to be your next step? Maybe you should create a virtual me-made wardrobe, with pictures and things like that.

  4. I agree with Alessa that I like your use of belts and scarves. I like the plaid skirt too. Interesting to see you are using older garments too. xx

  5. Your outfits all work really well together. I like seeing the same items mixed up in different ways here. And there's noting wrong with wearing and wearing the same garments; it shows that they really work well for you and your lifestyle!

  6. hello there hope you ok!
    It's award time if you care to look! x

  7. That's what makes good pieces (and a good eye for style) is when you can mix and match!


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