A Dress

I've started making a dress (my first). It's a New Look pattern, # 6587, view E. I'm not using any lace, as they do in the example. I cut a 12 (which I had feared would be too small) but now it's turning out to be too big.

I was going to cut off 1.25 inches from each front side, but T. suggested that I simply overlap (since I had already sewn the front band) and do two vertical rows of buttons. I like the idea. I'll need to line it where it overlaps because otherwise the fabric shows through. And, of course, I need to buy more buttons. It would look something like this.

I've had to take a (forced) break from the Nicky Epstein sweater: I broke the needle! So I've started this one: the Thermal by Laura Chau.

Spring is threatening to arrive. The flowers around town are blooming:


  1. It looks as if it's going to be a very nice dress. It's not the easiest of patterns for a first dress and you've done made it very well. If you're having trouble getting the right fit,take a look at Simplicity's Amazing Fit patterns.

  2. I hope it works out! I'll have to try the Amazing Fit patterns; thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I love the dress already. T's idea was great.
    Sorry to hear about the needles but I am so impressed with how much knitting and sewing you're getting done!


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