Things may be even quieter than normal around here because I have family who'll be visiting for the next week. I'm in the middle of preparing for their visit (i.e. cleaning the apartment) but I did manage to cut out the fabric for my brown linen pants.

The prep time for this project took longer than necessary because I used a pdf pattern...on accident. Printing everything out and then taping the pages together and then tracing them took a long time, not to mention materials. I'm not sure why downloading patterns is considered advantageous. I didn't mean to purchase the pdf version and I will seriously avoid doing so in the future.

Judging from this photo you wouldn't think this fabric had been ironed, but I'm pretty sure I ironed it not once, but twice! These are definitely going to be rumple pants :)

The plaid fabric is what I've chosen for the pocket lining. I've never made pockets before and I have no idea how that works. You can see I previously used the fabric to make the tortoise shell of my Henrietta Turtle pin cushion.

Incidentally, none of these photos were taken with my new camera. I just got the memory card for it last night and I haven't had time to play with it yet. Tomorrow, tomorrow!

P.S. One of the blogs I follow, Grosgrain is doing a headband giveaway from a new shop, the S.T. Collection: S.T. Collection Headband Giveaway. I love headbands.


  1. I love PDF patterns for knitting and crochet, but I never could figure out the appeal of PDF sewing patterns.

    Good luck with your trousers! I bet they'll be really comfortable for the summer when you're done.

  2. I agree, pdfs make sense for knitting or crochet or embroidery, but the pattern pieces are simply too big for most sewing.

    I'm super excited for the pants, I hope they work out!

  3. That is a gorgeous fabric for pockets. I think it will be a beautiful addition and a detail that really makes the piece. Hope to see you wearing them by the time I arrive! :)

    Enjoy your family and we'll we eager to hear about their visit here on the blog!

  4. I agree totally on the multiple annoying features of pdf patterns, not the least the use of about 6000 pages of your own paper...!
    I think your pants will be wonderful. Nothing better than rumply linen pants for casual relaxed elegance! :)


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