Thermal Progress and...

I totally forgot that today was the royal wedding in London! I only turned on the TV to have something on while I ate lunch and there it was. But I'm glad I got to see a bit of it.

I just got back from Paris yesterday. I had hoped to show pictures of our trouvailles in Les Puces, but we didn't end up going because of illness. So I thought I'd show some things that I (and others) have found in the past that are on display in my home.

A fashion drawing:

A lithograph:


And another fashion plate:

We didn't get to go to the flea market, but my family did bring me some wonderful things from home: several of my paternal grandmother's quilts.

Here are some photos:


Close-up on the hand stitching:

Quilt back:

And to prove that I have been working on something, even during my travels, here's my sweater in progress:


  1. Those quilts are gorgeous - definitely an heirloom you will enjoy for many, many years.
    Sorry you didn't get to visit les puces, but maybe next time!
    Hope to see more of your travel photos, though I know they won't be on your sewing/knitting blog. :) See you in a few weeks!

  2. Those quilts are awesome, aren't they? Those aren't very good pictures of them because I didn't want to unfold them.

    I'm planning on posting the travel photos to my Flickr account and maybe some to FB. And maybe even some here eventually :)


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