Fait Accompli

The New Look dress #6587 is done, done, done.

It took me more time than it should have because I had massive trouble with the thread. I don't know why...I purchased the same type of thread as usual, same brand, everything. I was just using a different color than normal: the 'pure' white. And my machine did not like it one bit. It would work for a couple centimeters then get all jammed, etc.

I cleaned and oiled the machine and replaced the needle, so it wasn't that. I couldn't believe it could just be the thread, but it was, because when I changed to a different color thread (but same composition) I had no problems. But I didn't want a different color thread, so I had to go back to the store and buy a different brand. And that white thread worked like a dream. I find that very odd, but now I know. I think I'm going to use that brand of thread from now on (until I encounter a problem) as it is 'made in France,' so at least I'll be buying local. :)

Anyhow, the dress is still too big, despite my overlapping in the front. So we'll call this a muslin, shall we? I like it, despite it being too big and I'll wear it. I have to wear a slip underneath it anyhow because the fabric is see-through, so that helps counteract the bagginess. But I'd like to do one in the proper size. I cut a 12 for this one, should I go down one size or try to do an 8 and use smaller seam allowances? The 8 seems like a radical reduction, but the 12 is more than 2 inches too big. Any advice?

As I don't have the fabric for a new dress right away, my next project will be these cropped pants from Simplicity #2656:

Here's the fabric I plan on using, with the coordinating buttons. I purchased the brown linen, intending it for another pants project, but that pattern calls for a front fly and I don't feel up to it yet. So for sure I'll have fabric left over. Maybe a skirt or a top...or both if I have enough fabric. :)

I have pants on the brain though. Me Made March made it glaringly obvious that I lack bottoms and I'd like to rectify that. I love, love, love these pants (in the picture, at least) from Burda magazine, but I've heard that their magazine patterns are rather difficult to follow so I'm hesitant to try it.

I've never sewn one of their patterns. Maybe after I've tried some other pants patterns, esp. since my Burda magazines have the instructions in French!

Aside from that, I'll be starting a secret project with these fabrics:

I can show you after mid-May, but it has to stay hush-hush until then.

Finally, it's my birthday month and a package from my sister showed up in the mail today. She's aiding and abetting me in my magazine habit, yay:

Plus she got me this super cute candle:

Thanks, Sis!


  1. you're welcome ... I love InStyle, be glad I didn't keep it for myself ;)

  2. I think Instyle is the best of the fashion mags. I'm glad to get them after you've read them. :)


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