Last Days of Me Made March

Me Made March has come and gone, but I'm still wearing one self-sewn item today.

And here are the last few days of my Me Made March outfits:

Last, but not least, here's a photo of my Nicky Epstein sweater in progress:

Yesterday and today have grown cold again. I hope spring comes around again soon.


  1. it hit 100 for the first time yesterday

  2. Well today it was nice out, but not 100.

  3. Your cream jumper looks like it is going to be gorgeous!
    Hehe, for the first day after MMM I woke up with such a sense of relief that I could wear whatever I wanted.... and put on another me-made dress!

  4. I hope so! I broke the needle though so it's on hold for a couple days :(

    I'd like to be able to wear me-made all the time, but I'm not there yet. I've only made shirts; I need to learn how to make pants.


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