BookMooch + Self-Stitched-September Update

I just joined a new online service/club - BookMooch which is designed to help people get rid of books that they no longer want and replace them with books that they do want.

It's an international club but I fear that there are many, many members (ahem, Americans, ahem) who only exchange within their country. You have the option of exchanging internationally or not, so it's not against the rules. So far I've sent off six books to five different countries: Finland, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US. And I'm totally happy to do so and sending a normal-size paperback is really not expensive.

But I'm saddened to find that nearly all of the books on my wish-list are available BUT they are available from people who are unwilling to send books outside of their country. Bummer. So I have decided that in the future I will only exchange books with people who are willing to send internationally...otherwise I fear that I will send off all my books never to have any in return! And I would like some in return!

Anyhow, despite that little sour note I'm super excited about BookMooch and I encourage people to join, whether or not you want to mail things internationally!

And with no further ado, here's my Self-Stitched-September outfits for days 12 - 16:

Today, plus Saturday and Sunday I will be wearing very unimaginative outfits as I will be at a meditation retreat. Lots of sitting requires comfortable clothes! I will wear me-made tops but my pants may or may not match them that well :)


  1. Book Mooch sounds like a fabulous idea, but you've uncovered a very common problem with many online communities. I belong to Burdastyle which is supposed to be international, and it is ridiculous how American-centric it is. They regularly have competitions that start out, "calling all designers" and then lower down you read the inevitable "open to US residents only" It's pretty annoying...
    I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  2. You might want to give the "BookMooch Angel Network" a try:

    Here is a short description:

    "Is there a book on BookMooch you really want but the book owner is in another country and only sends within their country? Don't fret, help is available through the BookMooch Angel Network!
    The BookMooch Angel Network involves the connection of two members in the BookMooch community. The first is the "Person In Need" of help in the form of the BookMooch Angel, who will be called the "PIN" and the second is the "Angel" who is willing to help international members of BookMooch get the books they want."

    - John (who runs BookMooch and is also an American who lives in France part of the year)

  3. Hi John,
    Thanks for the info re: Angel Network! I really like the principal of BookMooch - thanks for making it all happen :) -Donna


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