First Fall Essentials Sew Along Finished Item!

Whew, that's a lot of fff's!! I didn't get much done for the Summer Essentials Sew-Along this year, so I'm happy that I got my first item done for the 2011 Fall Essentials Sew-Along!

I finished an item in the Fabulous Frocks category: the Portfolio dress using Lisette (Simplicity) 2245:

Both the fabrics (cotton) came from Ikea. I've had them in my stash for at least a year now. I'll have to wear it with tights and a sweater if I want to wear it this fall and winter. And I think in the future I'll wear it with a belt because without one it looks a lot like a nightdress!

If I were to make this dress a second time, I would put piping on the pockets. And maybe I would embroider the little square at the neckline, as I saw someone do. I love the pockets though, so happy to have pockets in a dress!

And for the back closure, instead of using two medium-sized buttons, I decided to go for one HUGE back button:

This dress also belongs to my Colette Fall Palette Challenge list, which you can see here.


  1. Gorgeous!! I just love that print. And I agree with you, the pockets are fab! A girl can never have too many pockets, hmmm? And I've decided to join the "fall" challenge too! although for me it is a spring challenge!

  2. Yay, can't wait to see your ideas for spring! :)

  3. Nice one, and the fabric is very appropriate for fall! The button is so cute!


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