New Lisette Cigarette Pants

It's amazing the amount of sewing I get done when I'm procrastinating! I need more pants and I decided to test out this Lisette Pattern - #2245.

I chose a light-colored cream (I don't know why - it's too light!) in a stretchy twill. And I cut out a 12. I originally used the recommended seam allowance (1.5 centimeters) and found that the pants were too tight and gave me major wrinkles in the crotch. So I ripped everything out and resewed it with a 1 cm seam allowance.

That fit better when I tried it on so I finished it like that. But now that I've been sitting in them for 5 minutes, they are all stretched out!

Oh well, these may end up as home-wear pants unless I hide the waistband by wearing a long shirt. There's a little bulge in the waistband that I can't figure out and there are still some crotch wrinkles. I think I just don't have the skills yet for the fitting required on such slim pants. I think I should stick with looser styles for the time being.

I used buttons in my stash for the decorative tabs:

Speaking of buttons, I think I could spend my entire paycheck (which isn't saying much) on buttons and ribbons and such. I was looking on Etsy yesterday - a very bad idea when you can't buy anything!

I made several other modifications to the pattern. I shortened the pants by 3 inches. On the pattern cover they appear to be cropped and/or cigarette style pants but they hit me at the ankle.

And they were much more tapered than I had expected. I hate tapered ankle pants on me, so I made them shorter and improvised a cuff.

And I've been having problems with fusible interfacing lately (it pulls apart from the fabric after 10 or so washes and creates wrinkles) so I decided to use another method. I know there's non-fusible interfacing available also, but it seemed to me that the purpose of interfacing is to make that area a bit stiffer and sturdier and I didn't see why I couldn't use a sturdy fabric I had on-hand. I figured that people have been sewing long before there was special interfacing.

So, long story short, I used some remnants of a quilting-weight fabric I had in my stash:

So far it seems stiff enough; I guess I'll see after several wears.


  1. It worked! :)
    Cute pants, I love the length on you. And the buttons and flowery facings are so pretty! :)
    Actually, I'm not all that good at IT (although I can put together a website if pressed) but I have a boyfriend who does it professionally. I totally got the forgetting-words-in-my-mother-tongue when I lived in the US for a year! *g*

  2. It´s so nice to see a pair of these made up! I´ve been eying them ever since I got the pattern (mostly for the tunic), now I might try them out! :-)

  3. They look great! I just love the button tabs... and the contrasting facing is really pretty. I love little details like that, that just you the seamstress can enjoy when you're putting them on.

  4. I liked seeing how you made these. They look good. I like the facing and the buttons. I found the pattern illustration quite confusing as it is hard to work out what length they are meant to be! Thank you for your nice comments on my 2245 trousers on SSS flickr group. I did write about how I altered the pattern on my blog:

  5. Thanks everybody and thanks Alessa for your help!

    Minnado, I'll definitely read your blog to see how you altered the pants, thanks for the link!

  6. Love these! I love the fit and the buttons you ended up using, and the cuff addition looks fabulous!


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