Self-Stitched-September Days 6 - 11

I went to Amsterdam for the weekend! I couldn't talk about it because I was going there to surprise my sister. So, my pictures for Self-Stitched-September days 9 and 10 were taken in Amsterdam.
Carolyn nicely pointed out that the pictures I posted of Thermal are pretty dark and mask the detail. So I thought I'd put up this one separately so you can see it better:
And a close-up:
The weather turned cold and rainy today so I was able to wear the sweater. And yesterday I was sweaty in my 3/4 sleeves!


  1. Hi Donna! That sweater is so pretty! I'm slightly in awe of people who actually manage to finish knit projects this big. We'll see how I'll do with my planned knit dress... Also: yay, Amsterdam! I've never been but I heard it's a beautiful city!

    On another subject, does anyone else have issues commenting on your blog? I get a big greyish-transparent overlay between your header and footer, which makes all links unclickable, both in Opera and Firefox. I had to switch off the design in my browser to comment. I had the same issue a few months ago when I switched to a new Blogger design/template. If you send me and email, I can tell you how to fix it. :) It's aldara at gmx dot net.


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